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The Pitfall of Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead

The Pitfall of Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead The Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead Chronicles Whoever has written a cover letter knows that it may be difficult to know what things to say. Be certain to always provide attribution for those quotes you do use as the reader shouldn't need to ever wonder who's talking. Put simply, you can't just jump from 1 topic to another. Don't make the error of writing all of the info you know regarding a specific topic. The Little-Known Secrets to Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead Luckily essay writing is one particular location where you can. Reading many profile essays will provide you with an insight of what it is you are predicted to do. A great essay is one which leaves an enduring impression. The term essay ways to try. It is crucial to keep in mind an essay is not only your opinion. It's simple to point out an essay that's been written solely for the interest of it. If your essay is all about a historical figure, you'll need to use formal language. A biography essay is an essay in which you tell the story of an individual's life. For instance, your essay could be significant to a specific group of people, a different era or a geographical site. Look at 99% of women's profiles on Match, and you are certain to find some type of the phrase I really like to laugh. Men and women tend to pick a variety of themes of who they are and attempt to describe all of them. Well, it's not quite as straightforward as it sounds. Your outline will allow you to organize the info you gathered during your research while you think which ideas to include in each individual paragraph. So, it's a remarkable foundation for assorted epic stories! A biography can be short in the event of few sentences biography, and in addition, it can be long enough to fill a whole book. A superb reporter also spends plenty of time taking a look at the topic along with the subject's surroundings. Do not become stuck with material possessions and what you've achieved in life. You can't compose a character sketch about anyone that you do not know intimately. Make certain you learn about your subject's individual and professional life. Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead Fundamentals Explained Although the two sorts of paper do have some similarities, in addition, there are quite a few differences that set them apart. Prior to beginning writing your work, you might want to find good high quality samples of descriptive essays, in order to offer you a better knowledge of the way to complete the job. There are a lot of important capabilities. Simply producing a page totally free of grammatical errors is insufficient. The Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead Chronicles When you have something dow n on paper it is significantly simpler to restructure it and flesh out areas that aren't as strong as others. My objective is to help you with your studies at no charge. If you're discussing a theory or research study make sure that you cite the origin of the info. Before conducting an interview you ought to have a list of objectives you want to accomplish. Many poorly crafted essays are produced on account of a scarcity of preparation and confidence. Very good profiles get in the center of the man or woman and learn what makes them tick. Still, it's important to bear in mind that your goal isn't just to present some factual and informative overview of someone's character except to offer your own evaluation also. Thus, attempt to allow it to be interesting and compelling. Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead for Dummies If you're writing your essay about a historical figure, you are going to have to have a visit to the library and possibly do some on-line research too. Often there are two major characters in the book. You should be ready to rewrite your essay a few times to get it just perfect. If you've visited the place before you might have more insight to add to earn your paper standout. What You Need to Know About Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead Whenever you don't have a whole novel to gradually offer a physical description, you've got to find creative with the manner in which you do it. Choosing somebody you know and can properly describe would be a far greater choice. A profile is a kind of feature story and usually focuses on an individual and what's important or interesting about that person at the present time. A great profile offers you something that you can't get elsewhere to truly become familiar with the individual. In reality, a number of the best articles concentrate on the everyday stories of regular individuals. The practice of producing a describing text is beneficial in the academic writing since it helps stu dents and other folks to learn to describe something without feelings. Quote at least two other men and women who know the topic of your story well. One of the most usual reasons people search for assistance with essay writing is they realize they're running out of time. Don't forget to begin your essay strongit should have the capability to spark the interests of your readers. If you get a one of a kind or rare writing need which might not be listed below, please get in touch with us we know we can assist you. Writing at HubPages is a superb experience and builds a passive income with time. Most students make the error of writing an excessive amount of knowledge and inadequate evaluation (which is the tough bit). The War Against Writing a Profile Essay on Someone Dead If you don't are writing about a dead individual, an interview is an important step in writing a thriving profile essay. Writing a profile essay becomes a very simple task whenever you're prepared. A profil e essay on a place is a good chance to utilize your imagination. Sure, you'll be reading profile essays of famous individuals, and it's quite possible your own story will be very much different.

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What Is a Research Outline?

<h1>What Is a Research Outline?</h1><p>A inquire about diagram is the layout of the whole research you are doing, and the examination framework will be the foundation of the remainder of your exploration. It can likewise be the reason for composing the entirety of your different papers too, which is the reason this framework is fundamental to the last product.</p><p></p><p>Before you start any examination, it is essential to see how research functions. At the point when an individual starts a scholastic task, the person begins with an examination proposition, which typically comprises of a rundown of the inquiry they wish to pose, and how they intend to answer them. The investigation control likewise contains general data about the point and how the individual can take an interest in the project.</p><p></p><p>Once an examination proposition has been finished, it is imperative to consolidate a framework into the task. T his is the unpleasant framework of what the examination ought to contain.</p><p></p><p>You will see this layout as extremely accommodating in finishing an exploration paper, since it will fill in as a manual for the whole procedure. Each page in this framework will fill in as a reason for the whole paper. Much of the time, these will likewise fill in as a reason for your last grade. In this way, you will need to keep these pages concise.</p><p></p><p>As a model, you should remember a segment for the fundamental proposition of the paper, a rundown of your examination, and the segments of the paper that manages the various themes you have secured. Each area must be in the right request and should not cover with the other sections.</p><p></p><p>You may even find that composing your exploration paper is overpowering to such an extent that you may wind up ignoring at least one of the passages in your layout. This is the point at which you would need to alter your exploration framework to guarantee that everything is clear and included. You can utilize this altering instrument to make the whole research paper seem like an expert paper.</p><p></p><p>When you start an exploration paper, you will need to keep the examination diagram as your guide. By including a framework into your exploration paper, you will guarantee that you won't burn through your time, and that you will invest the energy doing great work.</p>

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What Is a Narrative When Writing an Essay?

<h1>What Is a Narrative When Writing an Essay?</h1><p>A incredible inquiry that I'm certain has been posed before is 'What is an account when composing an exposition?' A story is fundamentally a gathering of thoughts or an example that identifies with one another and has a general topic. The thought isn't equivalent to the depiction of every thought so be mindful so as to ensure that your story doesn't wind up mistaking for the words that you use.</p><p></p><p>There are a few distinct styles of composing an account, contingent upon the subject of the paper. The theme might be history, science, and recent developments for instance. This type of composing an exposition can be utilized to relate certain components of the article to an occasion that occurred previously. Or on the other hand it tends to be utilized to discuss the occasions of history and contrast them with current events.</p><p></p><p>For model, if the poin t is recent developments, it is anything but difficult to discern whether the author had recently composed an exposition that managed a similar subject. What most essayists do is utilize a wide range of words to portray recent developments just as their 'current'previous' focuses in time. This kind of composing will permit you to make an exceptionally fascinating subject that is deserving of an extraordinary conclusion.</p><p></p><p>If you were to utilize this type of composing a tale about recent developments, you may have utilized the word 'they' rather than 'he'. Along these lines, rather than composing a solitary word you would compose a few distinct words that portrayed the occasion that was occurring by then. This will permit you to unmistakably diagram the succession of occasions that occur and make a considerably more efficient and precise arrangement of events.</p><p></p><p>Another type of composing an account is by utilizing the words 'the'its' related to one another. When utilizing this type of composing an article, you should utilize the expression 'the past' and an alternate expression to portray the present or the present time. This permits you to see the progression of the occasions without perusing an excess of content. It additionally permits you to comprehend where the story starts and ends.</p><p></p><p>When you are taking a shot at your article, it is essential to attempt to make however many varieties of composing an account as would be prudent. This will assist you with remaining concentrated on the progression of the story and will assist you with making the best consummation. The most ideal approach to do this is to conceptualize with whatever number various individuals as could be allowed so as to attempt to think of the best consummation for your story.</p><p></p><p>By attempting various configurations and methods of composing an account yo u will locate a fascinating method to make a story. It will permit you to make your own style of composing and structure that will engage your crowd. By consolidating a wide range of things into your exposition you will have the option to give them the inclination that you need them to feel when they are perusing your essay.</p><p></p><p>Writing a story is a significant piece of the article composing process. It very well may be utilized to establish the tone and the tone of the whole exposition, and it will make the peruser focus on the substance of the paper. In the event that you can figure out how to permit them to take in something from your exposition then you have done a brilliant job!</p>

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Use Essay Writing Software For Your Short Essay on Art History Topics

<h1>Use Essay Writing Software For Your Short Essay on Art History Topics</h1><p>If you need to compose a short paper on craftsmanship history then it is best that you use article composing programming. This device can make your assignment a lot simpler. There are a few reasons why you should utilize this sort of programming so as to compose a paper on craftsmanship history topics.</p><p></p><p>It is significant that the time component of the work is dealt with appropriately. Composing a short paper on workmanship history can take any longer time than composing a long article on a solitary theme. An exposition that is too short can prompt numerous slip-ups. It will be difficult for you to cover each perspective in less time.</p><p></p><p>It is anything but difficult to get confounded about the sort of exposition you ought to compose. Regardless of whether you have just kept in touch with one paper you may find that you have not secured all the significant viewpoints and hence the time will be squandered. This issue is likewise brought about by the way that many individuals will in general discard the notes they took while composing the expositions. In any case, utilizing programming will help you since it will make it simpler for you to proceed onward and compose another essay.</p><p></p><p>There are two unique sorts of programming that can be utilized. You can either pick those which are planned explicitly for humanities subjects or you can utilize it for composing expositions on various subjects. The two kinds are similarly powerful. The best thing about these devices is that they don't make a difference whether you are composing the paper for individual or expert reasons. Truth be told, you don't have to realize how to compose a paper so as to utilize it.</p><p></p><p>You can likewise utilize the expositions from understudies and senior understud ies who need to compose a short article on craftsmanship history subjects. It is imperative to have an individual view on these expositions just as for exactness. This is a direct result of the way that you will have the option to improve your exhibition by knowing whatis fitting and wrong when composing expositions on workmanship history points. This can assist you with having the option to compose expositions all the more successfully and show signs of improvement grades.</p><p></p><p>Other than this, you can utilize these papers to plan for assessments in secondary school and school. This is the fundamental motivation behind why there are many article tests accessible online that you can use to plan for your tests. You will have the option to check the appropriate responses gave and guarantee that they are correct.</p><p></p><p>Since you won't have a ton of time to get ready for tests, you have to utilize this exposition composing p rogramming. At the point when you pick the exposition composing apparatus, you should just purchase a paper that you have investigated altogether. Look at different locales to see which one gives the best data on article composing. At the point when you use exposition composing programming, you will have the option to inquire about the paper before you begin composing it. You will likewise have the option to peruse the article commonly with the goal that you will have the option to change it before you really begin composing it.</p><p></p><p>Another motivation behind why you should utilize paper composing programming for composing papers on workmanship history themes is on the grounds that you will have the option to make the exposition additionally intriguing. This is a kind of research which will permit you to put your own turn on the topic. You will have the option to utilize imaginative procedures which might not have been done before by you or other peop le.</p>

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International Transfer of Diversity Management Practices Samples

Question: Discuss about the International Transfer of Diversity Management Practices. Answer: Introduction The case study presents that CERA has a strong Human Resource Management function in place. The good thing with CERA is that the management realizes the fact that these days HR plays an important role in any organisation and after board meeting Mark French is interested to recruit new employee(s) in the organisation. Question is now should they continue with the old HR tradition for recruitment or do they initiate something new. Ozbilgin Tatli (2012) argued that human resource department play very good role in screening the candidate and this will be first step of the new recruitment. At the same time, it is important that CERA must realize the importance of diversity management at workplace. The case also presents the viewpoint of Israel Topin. As a Human Resource Manager Israel Tobin is right on behalf of relationship based recruitment but each person, who is involved with CERA has only one goal and that is how to maximize revenue of organization. It can be done only when CERA has a neutral culture in place that in turn can be achieved with effective diversity management in place. Mark as CEO think right because he needs to focus on revenue of a company. In addition, he is always task focused to increase profit margin. However, as a human resource manager, they have to balance work-productivity and satisfaction of employees, and for that it is a necessity to choose and plan a diversity management process, which is beneficial for both organization and employees, and fair to everyone (Mahadeo Soobaroyen, 2012). The objective of this paper is to discuss the business rational for diversity management. The paper would discuss the arguments in favour of diversity management and it could be used as arguments to convince Mark French towards diversity management. CERA may require some change management to adhere to new principles of diversity management; however, in long term, it should be beneficial for the organization. It is expected that this report would help Mark French to understand the various aspects of diversity management and then take the decision about di versity management at CERA. Business case towards diversity management In a way, diversity management is a very open and subjective terms. Some people can link diversity management with the inclusion of diverse workforce and some people can consider diversity management to be ant-discrimination workplace. The business case towards diversity management for CERA can be broadly discussed under following headings: Simply defined, Diversity managementis the strategy of using best practices with proven results to find and create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Successful strategies linkdiversity progress directly to business results (Leslie Gelfand, 2008). Every person has a different perspective regarding their work. Apart from that, role of a person makes them capable to think according to their job objective. It is important that organizations and human resource managers should think from both sides like for betterment of organization and employees as well. It is important to mention that diversity management should not be practiced at the cost of gender discrimination. On the other hand, deeper issues such as race, sexuality, cultural differences, religious beliefs, personality and behavior, traditions and so on have equally contributed to the anti-discrimination attitude as well (Syed Ozbilgin, 2009). There is so much awareness in the west surrounding such topics. In the past it was difficult to openly come out as gay for instance but it is currently easier and bills/ laws are being passed in parliaments for voting and so forth. Similarly, people were being discriminated based on race and other aspects but this is no longer acceptable. There are numerous campaigns against discrimination, fuelled by human rights and the media/ freedom of speech (Nakata Im, 2010). This awareness and openness has in itself contributed to anti-discrimination. Granted there is still some level of discrimination based on these exact issues discussed but o ne must applaud the achievement so far in fighting such evils. There is still a long way to go but in due course one can only hope there will be an end to it. Secondly, as western cultures and societies are more open to diverse groups of people; gays, lesbians, goths, punks, emos as well as diverse ethnicity as well religious beliefs they would need more laws and stringent regulations to monitor. Also, due to the economics of these countries, migrants to these countries also add to the diversity and therefore making it necessary to have anti discriminatory laws. For example, Indians migrate to the UK but a UK national will not migrate to India, therefore Indian legislation might have a more relaxed legislation around ethnic discrimination but would need stronger legislation for religious discrimination as there are multiple religions in India (Richard Roh, 2013). With all the western countries having some sort of democratic government, that gives its citizens who might be culturally, ethnically and religiously of varying backgrounds the same rights makes it important to have anti discriminatory legislation. In a non-democratic country, th e rights of citizens are not the same therefore, anti-discriminatory legislation would be pointless. It is recommended that the management of CERA must realize the importance of anti-discrimination policies at workplace. Economically, these and numerous other reason have stirred up the anti-discrimination attitudes because it is no longer simply about a specific society, that operates in a collective way but is currently Individualist and has evolved to include others beyond the comfort zones (Rivas, 2012). Culture and diversity management As case study presents, CERA is a dynamic company and their strength is agility. Hence they want to attract and select the right candidates who will adopt to rapid change and CERAs culture. I have always believed in hiring fully-formed adults and A-grade performers. But the same old predictable recruitment process followed by the majority in the industry will not assist in selecting the right fit for CERA. The focus on diversity management is something that would create a unique positioning of CERA in the market. CERA will do something different in the recruitment process as compared to its competitors. With the focus on diversity management, the intention is to differentiate CERA from its competitors based on its service orientation and innovation. However, cost and professional competency would be similar to its competitors. As the company grown, CERA has more focused on cost competitiveness. There is a shortage of qualified engineers in the construction industry (Stahl Makela, 20 10). Every engineer needs skills and competencies to do work in CERA. Job description for each vacancy has four parameters such as skills, knowledge, behaviors and expectations. The model of cultural diversity management can be shown as: In the classical sense, diversity management is the practice of addressing and supporting multiple lifestyles and personal characteristics within a defined group. Management activities includes educating the group and providing support for the acceptance of and respect for various racial, cultural, societal, geographic, economic and political backgrounds. The recruitment process can be considered as the entry door to diversity management (Klarsfeld Tatli, 2012). HR will not only contribute in recruitment process but also in strategy implementation and evaluation. Personally, I agree with Tobins views regarding the organizational culture. Undoubtedly, new recruits should fit in to the companys culture, but this can be overcome by benchmarking competitors with similar characteristics. According to my point of view, Mark should not be involved in the recruitment process. Mark sees his staff as a resource for completing a job at CERA. He is tended to focus more profits. He followed the stringent policy for hiring. I will follow changeable hiring policy depending upon the skills and experience of the potential candidate. I will more focus on internal recruitment instead of external. It is important that companies shouldnt blindly follow the recruitment strategies employed by their competitors because recruitment function of HR can be highly context dependent and has a strategic importance for the business. Theres nothing wrong in observing what competitors do, but HR practitioners should personally look into recruitment scenarios before deciding how to do that and whom to benchmark (Bjerregaard Lauring, 2013). Diversity management model for CERA For CERA, the key thing would be not to differentiate the employees on the basis of caste or religion. The key aspects of diversity management that CERA should focus on can be shown as: The business case for diversity is an organizational discourse that connects workforce diversity with a set of organizational outcomes. The business case for diversity management operates at four levels. At each level, there are different sets of justifications for adopting diversity management practices. These four level can be discussed as: Shareholder value: The shareholder value for diversity management focuses on single bottom line. This pillar states that diversity management should be practiced by organizations if there are benefits from diversity management in the areas of revenue, profitability, etc. Stakeholder value: While the shareholder value focuses only on single bottom line, the stakeholder value focuses on triple bottom line. This pillar states that diversity management should be practiced by organizations if it can support the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet (Chatman Sherman, 2015). Regulatory context: It is important that organizations must also practice diversity management as the part of regulatory requirements, if any (Syed Ozbilgin, 2009). For example, CERA must consider the legal requirements around gender, age, religion etc. while making new recruitments. Global value chain: At this level, the business case argument connects the management of diversity to transnational and international differences. Suggestions for CERA CERA must use different recruitment methods to achieve desired results and goals because they are going to get new projects with government bodies as well as private sectors which require innovative and creative people. As CERA would have smart building construction projects they need person with technical civil background as well as a person with good software development experience. It can be inferred from the case study that they want be different from others in this field and would like to create new unique design (Meier-Pesti Penz, 2008). It is possible only when CERA can recruit the people without thinking about their background. Other specific reason for which CERA cannot follow the competitors as their goal is to provide innovative building structure to the clients and they can begin with new era of smart construction. It is suggested that CERA should have their own recruitment techniques for the company. It is suggested that the leaders of CERA should practice servant leadership style for diversity management. The servant leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feelings that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. The principles of servant leadership cross religious and cultural lines by being universal actions, attributes, and styles that leaders exhibit in leadership in different cultures and religions. For example, building community, conceptualization, and commitment to the growth of people are all servant leadership principles that are used by many leaders in non-religious organizations and leaders from multiple cultural backgrounds whom implement these principles. The management of CERA should also realize that the path towards diversity management may not be the easy path as there could be few resistance in the path. Therefore, it is important that the leaders of CERA should be ready to handle change management that can by practicing diversity management at workplace. Resistance to change is one way to express the perception of this challenge, although the opportunity open in thismoment is unique and we need to take with everything including, mistakes and winning points, then the HR manager are encouraging every level of the company with the main purpose of creating an organization able to fulfill the customer needs lack of knowledgeand opening innumerable fields never exploited by any other company. It is also suggested that CERA should bring the match between the recruitment process in the organization and the policies around diversity management. According to my point of view, Mark should not be involved in the recruitment process. Mark sees his staff as a resource for completing a job at CERA. He is tended to focus more profits. He followed the stringent policy for hiring. I will follow changeable hiring policy depending upon the skills and experience of the potential candidate. I will more focus on internal recruitment instead of external. Conclusion The above paper discusses the business case of diversity management for CERA. From the above discussion, it can be said that CERA must practice business diversity across the organization. It would also be correct to say that the HR manager can have a tough time ahead to establish the culture of diversity management. As the above paper discussed, the focus on diversity management is essential so that CERA can achieve its objective of triple bottom line. The leaders of CERA should realize that the focus should be not only on profitability or revenue but also on planet and sustainable development. The management can achieve the objectives of triple bottom line only when it has the support of talented people. It can happen only when the organizations has a strong policy around recruitment, training and development. The experience and knowledge that the CERA team is important to build this company, support the ideas it doesnt mean be agree all the times but support with real evidence his process will reward the company performance. With the above discussion, it can be said that Mark French must establish a culture of diversity management. The focus on diversity management would enable CERA to get the best talent from the market. It is also important that CERA should use benchmarking as a tool to get the maximum benefits of diversity management. The inputs from employees and internal and external stakeholders would help CERA to have a flexible culture in place where the employees form different cultural backgrounds can work together. References Bjerregaard, T. and Lauring, J. (2013), Managing Contradictions of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Sustainability of Diversity in a Frontrunner Firm. Business Ethics: A European Review, 22 (2): 13142. Chatman, J. A., Sherman, E. L., Doerr, B. M. (2015). Making the Most of Diversity: How Collectivism Mutes the Disruptive Effects of Demographic Heterogeneity on Group Performance. Klarsfeld, A., Ng, E. and Tatli, A. (2012), Social Regulation and Diversity Management: A Comparative Study of France, Canada and the UK, European Journal of Industrial Relations, 18 (4), 30927. Leslie, L.M. and Gelfand, M.J. (2008), The Who and When of Internal Gender Discrimination Claims: An Interactional Model, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 107 (2): 12340. Mahadeo, J.D., Soobaroyen T. and Hanuman, V.O. (2012), Board Composition and Financial Performance: Uncovering the Effects of Diversity in an Emerging Economy, Journal of Business Ethics, 105: 37588. Meier-Pesti, K. and Penz, E. (2008). Sex or gender? Expanding the sex-based view by introducing masculinity and femininity as predictors of financial risk taking. Journal of Economic Psychology, 29 (2), 180196. Nakata, C. and Im, S. (2010), Spurring Cross-functional Integration for Higher New Product Performance: A Group Effectiveness Perspective, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27(4), 55471. Richard, O. C., Roh, H., Pieper, J. R. (2013). The link between diversity and equality management practice bundles and racial diversity in the managerial ranks: Does firm size matter?.Human Resource Management,52(2), 215-242. Rivas, J.L. (2012), Diversity and Internationalization: The Case of Boards and TMTs, International Business Review, 21: 112. Seierstad, C. (2011), The Use of Quotas in the Most Equal of the Regions: Politics and Corporate Boards in the Scandinavian Countries, Equality, Inequalities and Diversity: Contemporary Challenges and Strategies (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Stahl, G.K., Makela, K., Zander, L. and Maznevski, M.L. (2010), A Look at the Bright Side of Multicultural Team Diversity, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 26 (4), 43947. Syed, J. and Ozbilgin, M. (2009), A Relational Framework for International Transfer Of Diversity Management Practices, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20 (12): 24353. Tatli, A. and Ozbilgin, M.F. (2012), An Emic Approach to Intersectional Study of Diversity at Work: A Bourdieuan Framing, International Journal of Management Reviews, 14 (2): 180200.

Business Communication for Facilitate Innovation- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Communication for Facilitate Business Innovation. Answer: Introduction Business communication is sharing of information between people within and outside the organization. It is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. It is also known as relaying of information by its people within a particular organization. It is also defined as how a company provides its information about its product and services to customers. Communication can be internal or external(Newman 2015). It is necessary to have effective communication in order to achieve your goals. Effective communication will help to establish good relations between you and your staff which in turn will boost the morale of employees and will foster the growth of business. A communication is considered effective if the information shared between two parties is easily understood by very person(Ellen Lowey 2015). Communication is an important part of business .Its importance can be described with the help of following points. Increased Productivity-: The success of any project depends on successful teamwork. Effective communication between employers and staff led to better understanding and build trust and confidence which help to increases productivity and thereby achieving the goals of the organization(Godemann Michelsen 2011). Help Grow Customer Base-: Business communication help to increase customer base by attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. Customer is the king of the market and a customer without a doubt is lifeblood of business. Effective communication can help to persuade customers to buy your product(Wimmer Domonick 2010). Facilitate Business Innovation-: Effective communication can help business to grow and increase its market share. If the company is launching a new product and if it is not communicated properly then it would be a total failure. Effective communication can help to increase customer base and audience(Elen 2012). Business Goals-: Effective communication can help to achieve business goals. If there is good communication between staff members themselves and with the employer it will lead to better exchange of ideas and information which will lead to early achievement of goals. Improves Business Partnership-: Business communication helps to improve business partnership(Hargie 2006). If there is communication between supplier and other external parties it can help to understand their needs and do work accordingly. Business communication can lead to good business partnerships and overall growth of business. Contemporary Issues in Professional business Communication Communication is a continuous and never ending process. The success of any organization depends on the quality of the communication. In order to have effective business communication it is necessary to understand the communication problems and concepts clearly. In order to survive in the market it is necessary to have good communication skills and understanding of all issues in business communication. Work place communication is very important in order to build and maintain relationships and it also leads to innovation(Steane Burton 2004). Communication makes the employees confortable in expressing their ideas which help the firm to achieve goals. Lack of communication creates several issues which are as under-: Unclear Roles and Responsibilities-: The first and the foremost problem in business communication is unclear roles and responsibilities(Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Business, Innovation and Skills Committee 2013). If the person is not clear what he is expected to do and to whom he is answerable that it would lead to ineffective communication. If he is not clear about the tasks he is responsible for it will create issues in communication. Undefined Decision Making Authorities and Processes-: Decisions are a big deal in any business. There are some major decisions and some are related to daily business process and operational decisions. Issues related to this concept are authority and processes is not clearly defined for every employee which create problem as everybody wants to be a part of decision making and also want their decision to be accepted. So authority should be clearly defined. Lack of Standards-:Communication problems in the workplace can lower standards. We should establish a communication policy to standardize the methods used for communicating with both colleagues and customers. We should not rely on one type of communication. For example, using only verbal communication makes tracking conversations and information difficult Communication Barriers-: Sometimes the sender himself is confused about the message he wants to convey which create problems. Sometimes he is clear about the message but he cannot convey in proper manner which lead to communication problems and sometimes the receiver it not able to understand it correctly or misinterpret it which create issues. Misinterpretations and Assumptions-: Communication can lead to interpretation and sometimes it is interpreted incorrectly. People often make assumptions based on the information they hear or read whether or not they hear or read it correctly. Nonverbal cues also lead people to make assumptions that can impede communication. For example, an employee who avoids eye contact may cause others to assume she is hiding something when she may simply feel inferior or shy. Mixing Work and Personal Communication-: Some employees mix their personal lives with workplace environment which crate barriers in communication. Personal communication distract them rom work which lead to mistakes in communication. Opportunities and Challenges Created by Issues in Professional Business Communication The ability of the business to communicate is crucial to its success. Reaching out to customers and communication with staff is important to achieve business goals. However there are certain challenges and opportunities related to this which is as follows-: Technology-: Now technology can be used in order to communicate with staff and customers. The ideas behind using technology are it saves time, money and energy(Trotter Guang 2012). Email, fax, voice mail and Intranet messaging can be quite effective for the quick transfer of factual, direct information. However, the reliance upon this technology to communicate emotion is not possible in the workplace. Tone, posture, facial expression and eye contact cannot be expressed effectively using technology. But with the help of technology issue of wrong and incomplete can be resolved(McQuerry 2018) Diversity-: Every person has unique frame of reference and they see the world differently according to it(Annoynomous. 2018). Difference in age, gender and religion create different point of view which brings many solutions to the problem which sometimes create issues in communication. So in order to solve this proper framework should be established. Untrained Work Force-: Work force plays very important role in business as most of the work is done by them at ground level. Illiteracy or language barrier can crate issues and also lack of computer knowledge and mobile devise create problems in business. Challenge before business is to train the workforce(Conrad 2014). Distance-:Businesses must find ways to communicate with people who are away from the office, such as a remote sales force or people who work from home. Some companies deliver information to mobile devices or schedule regular meetings so employees can anticipate and schedule their trips and sales calls around them. The challenges are even greater for companies that do business globally(Rasmus 2016). Its a challenge before a company to transfer information to people at distant places. Budget-: Budget is also a challenge before a company. Companies with low budget may not be able to compete with companies using high tech communication methods to communicate with customers, suppliers and public. They need to find out the economical ways to communicate their message to audience like face to face communication, bulletin boards, telephone conversation and printed newsletters. Too much or Too Less communication-: Sometimes the information provided is too less to takedecisions and sometimes it is so lengthy that people ignore it or loses interest. So its a challengebefore a business to frame the message in correct form to maintain interest. McDonalds For the purpose of this assignment I have chosen McDonalds as core business. Its a fast food chain and its thriving in Australia. As it is operating globally there must be many issues related to business communication. It employs almost 90,000 people across the restaurants and management offices. As it is a big chain there are many issues related to business communicated which are confronted by them. Issues faced by McDonalds -: There are many issues which are faced by McDonalds related to business communication which is described below-: Food Image-: The first and the foremost issue in food chain business is food image. Food image of McDonalds is deteriorating because it is assumed that they are not using good ingredients in preparing various food items. Thus the major issue is bad food image. Slow and Inaccurate Service-: Another issue faced by McDonalds is slow and inaccurate service. They have introduced too many items so quickly that t creates confusion and led to inaccurate orders and slow service. Customer Service-: Customer is he king of the market. Satisfied customer serves as an advertising agent. McDonalds drive through wait time has increased a lot due to increase in menu which creates a lot of problem for the customers. Lack of Flexibility-: Consistency s one of the attractions of McDonalds as people know if they order something what they are going to get. This has become an issue as people want change .They want to tailor their orders themselves .For this McDonalds is also adding certain sauces and toppings in their kitchen. Price Sensitivity-: Another issue is price sensitivity. People are price sensitive means if they will get the same thing with same ingredients at cheaper price they will go for that quitting our product. Likewise if the price of the product is increased slightly then also hey will shift their demand. Increased Competition-: Increased competition is also a major issue in any business. Man new joints are entering the market which increases the competition and may lead to fall in market share. Marketing-: Marketing is one another issue. It is considered that McDonalds provide unhealthy junk food. This image is created by a food factory scandal. In order to re-establish that connection again with the customers many audits are going on. Creative messages with emphasis on quality of food are being addressed to people to gain back market share. Offering Best value-: Another big problem is offering the best value at best price. This is the major challenge in which you have to offer best taste and quality at reasonable price that is less than the competitor. So to deal with this issue market research should be done and production should be done according to customer taste. Burden on Employees-: With the increase in menu list there is increase in the burden that falls on employees. Franchisers are also angry with the overloaded menu as they have to deal with it. It adds to cost as it requires extra ingredients and equipment. On the basis of these points it can be said that there are lot of challenges and issues which are faced by business. But they have to overcome these issues ad make their business a profitable concern along with keeping quality standards in mind. Solution to the issues is as under-: Upgrade Quality-: In order to solve the quality issue there is a need to upgrade the quality of the product by using good raw material and fresh vegetables and toppings. Reasonable Price-: To meet competition and to increase market share reasonable price should be charged with reasonable profit margin a maintaining quality. Good Customer Services-: Customer services should be improved by reducing the waiting time and by providing clean ambience. Customers should be satisfied with the quality and orders should be placed quickly. Variety-: To overcome the problem of flexibility there should be the variety of food offered to people with different sauces and toppings. Accurate Service-: Accurate services should be given that means what is ordered should be given without confusing it with other customers order or with other ingredients Conclusion Thus it can be said there are variety of issues confronted by every business. Success lies in the fact that we have to overcome these issues and make our business survive in a competitive world and achieve our goals keeping business standards in mind. 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The Privatization of Higher Education in North America †What Happened and What Are the Consequences

Introduction For many years, the higher education in North America and in many other parts of the world has been run on a private-public partnership basis which involved a form of partnership between the private and the public sector.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Privatization of Higher Education in North America – What Happened and What Are the Consequences? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Though the difference between the private and the public sector was not very elaborate, the higher education sectors, which included universities and colleges, still run very effectively, though not without their challenges. Over the past few decades, there has been a lot of evolution and changes in the whole education sector, and in the stakeholders of the higher education. These changes have led to a growth of a large gap between the private owners and the public sector, forcing a need for a more elaborate dif ference in ownership and functionality of the higher education sector. This has hence led to the privatization of most of the higher education institutions including universities and colleges. Causes and the Process of Privatization Privatization came mainly as a result of a conflict between the stakeholders of the education sector in the functionality, financial aspects and even the ownership of the colleges and universities. There was a great need for there to be well-laid lines on who owned what in the former setup of the private-public partnership, forcing each of the stakeholders to demand their share of contribution and an equivalent share of the benefits from investment into the higher education sector. Mostly, the public sector always took a larger share of both the investment and the benefits of the investment and this caused chaos between the public and the private sectors. The private sector hence opted to run their own institutions their own way and this was a lead to a new era of privatization of the higher education institutions (Giroux, and Giroux, 2004).Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The other reason for privatization of Higher Education institutions was the need for more improved and competitive institutions. The institutions needed to be more improved in terms of facilities, both academic-oriented and recreational ones. In this area, the private-public partnership did not help in improvement of such conditions and mostly all the institutions were almost similar in their functionality and in terms of the availability of facilities. This in return did not result to any competition among the institutions as they were all under the same ownership which did not encourage competition neither facilitated improvement of available facilities. However, since there was a need for improved facilities and competition among the institutions and in the whol e education sector, the private-public partnership had to fail and pave way for privatization of some of the institutions. The results have been improvements in the level of learning, facilities and even stiff competition in terms of education, facilities and even student membership among the institutions (Bruce, 2005). Another cause of privatization of the higher education institutions was the generation of income as most of the stakeholders came to realize that investment into higher education provided a great opportunity for the private sector to gain a source of income. Since in the current generation higher education is viewed as a prerequisite and not as a luxury or an option, then increase in the tuition fees and other payments by students had little effect on the admission of students into those institutions. In fact, it has been noted that the most students no longer consider the high fees charged in institutions but are keen on the available facilities and the competitiven ess of the institution in the education sector both nationally and internationally (Thrift, 2010). Consequences of Privatization of Higher Education The privatization of higher education was not without its consequences, both positive and negative. There were a lot of benefits that were to be realized from the privatization process, both to the owners of the institutions and to the students. The students were able to access better, more improved and modernized facilities, both educationally and recreationally.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Privatization of Higher Education in North America – What Happened and What Are the Consequences? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More They were also able to access better and more efficient and effective education levels that were more specialized and making them more competitive in the labor market and generally in their professions. In addition, the students were a ble to venture into more activities that were aimed at enhancing them not just academically but in many other areas of life. This way, the students could be able to become more independent and responsible members of the society (Giroux, and Giroux, 2004). The private sector that gained ownership of the higher education institutions benefited in a great way from the process. The owners were able to get a reliable and competitive source of income, resulting to more returns from their investments. They were also able to allocate more funds to the different departments and hence got more financial gain out of it. The use of contracting out and outsourcing of labor and other activities within the institutions also reduced expenses for the institutions leading to higher returns. There was also an improvement in the management of the institutions hence enhancing service delivery and competition with other institutions (Cote, and Allahar, 2007). The process of privatization was not without its negative effects. The most notable one was the rise in fees paid by students in order to gain admission and access facilities within the institutions. This way, students had to pay a higher price in order to access education facilities. References Bruce, D. (2005). Privatization in and of Higher Education in the US. London: John Willey Sons. Cote, E., and Allahar, L. (2007). Ivory Tower Blues: A University System in Crisis. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Giroux, A., and Giroux, S. (2004). Take Back Higher Education: Race, Youth, and the  Crisis of Democracy in the Post?Civil Rights Era. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Thrift, N. (2010). Across The World: The Privatization of Higher Education. Retrieved from This essay on The Privatization of Higher Education in North America – What Happened and What Are the Consequences? was written and submitted by user Jocelyn King to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.